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Could you give me any step how to make a great photo effect using photoshop?
For example: your background photos
It's really pretty :')

Hi there! :)
Aww first of all thank you so much, I’m happy you like it. :’)

I’m not the best at explaining photoshop things haha, but I can give you a few tips. Here are the few ‘effects’ I use:
Layer ➜ New Adjustment Layer ➜ Curves.
Layer ➜ New Adjustment Layer ➜ Levels.
Layer ➜ New Adjustment Layer ➜ Selective Color.
Layer ➜ New Adjustment Layer ➜ Hue/Saturation.
and then I also use:
Layer ➜ New Fill Layer ➜ Gradient.

- Curves: When I’m lazy, I usually press the ‘auto’ button, and then if I like how it looks like I play around a little until it looks good. But you don’t have to press ‘auto’ you can also make it manually. Just play with the curves until it looks pretty. I sometimes only use the RGB channel, but I also play around with the Red, Green and Blue ones. You seriously just have to try and make tests and play with it ‘til you think it looks pretty.
- Levels: Same here, play around with it, make few tests, try things til it looks good. You can always press the ‘auto’ buttons once again, and try to play around til you like the result. Make sure you don’t make it too bright. I tend to only change the Input Levels… I don’t really touch the Output Levels, but it’s up to you! :)
- Selective Color: Again, you need to play around, try some things, it’s hard to explain how because it really depends on the picture. If it’s a screen cap you won’t make the sames changes you would do on a photoshoot or appearance! ;) I for myself don’t change too much the ‘neutrals’ colors, but it’s up to you. Same goes for the blacks, I don’t change them too much. I usually play around with the yellow, red, green, and cyan. And white too, but not so much. Like I said, try several things! :)
- Hue/Saturation: I tend to change the saturation to make the colors ‘pop’.. I usually raise my saturation to +25ish. Don’t raise the saturation too much because your colors will be so bright it’s gonna hurt your eyes haha. :) Saturation layer is more optional I’d say, I don’t use it all the time!
- Gradient Fill Layer: I use loads of them. I usually put them in ‘soft light’ mode and lower the opacity. Then again, you try several modes and opacity and you see if it looks good! :) I usually use : Pink to Black, Pink to White, White to Black, Yellow to White and Brown-ish to Black gradient fills. Just play with them, add a few of them. Try and see. ;) I usually use ‘radial style’ or ‘linear style’ ;)

Like I said a hundred time haha, you need to try things, see if it’s pretty. It can take me lots of time just to make one coloring and to make it right. And even then, my colorings aren’t that pretty, but whatever haha. If you have a hard time making your own colorings, some blogs share their psds and you can download them, analyze them, modify them… play around with the layers and it might help you! ;) It’s the only advice I can give you, I’m not an expert! There are other ways to make colorings, there are other options you can use, I only told you the ones I use the most, but there are several other effects you can use! I hope it helped a little! :) If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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